"Bravo has exhibited throughout the United States and in Hong Kong, and has enjoyed widespread media attention for his creative use of tortillas."

-Highland Park Patch

Joe Bravo has become quite well known for his innovative use of tortillas as a ground for traditional painting.

Here’s what he has to say about his works:

Joe Bravo Headshot

"I use the Tortilla as a Canvas because it is an integral part of the Hispanic Culture and my heritage. For the subject matter of my tortilla paintings, I use imagery that is representative of Latinos, conveying their hopes, art, beliefs, and history. As the tortilla has given us life, I give it new life by using it as an art medium.

The preparation of the tortilla for painting is as important as the actual painting itself. I first bake several tortillas to get the right texture, shape and coloration for the image I want to paint.

I select a tortilla and paint the image on with acrylic paint. After the paint dries, I seal the tortilla against moisture and insects with an acrylic varnish to preserve it. The varnish drys to a hard pliable finish that will last for many years. The tortilla artwork is further protected when encased in a custom-made shadow box frame that gives it an elegant look for displaying on a wall or tabletop.”

Bravo’s Tortilla Artworks are part of a high-quality limited edition series. Each painting possesses unique characteristics and no two works are alike.