Venice Beach, CA Mural: “Spiritual And Technological Man”

Venice Beach, CA Mural: "Spiritual And Technological Man" by Joe Bravo

Acrylic Paint


32' x 15'




1400 S Pacific Ave., Venice, CA 90291

Featured In:

Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles

This mural depicted the advances of the human race, both good and bad. I was conveying the idea that when we progress technologically, it is on a horizontal plane. When we progress spiritually, it is on a vertical plane with our hopes on heaven.

It has been featured in several publications including the Los Angeles Times, American Preservation Magazine and the book, Wall Art. It was also used as a backdrop for a 2-hour television episode of “Chips” (without my permission).

My mural was destroyed when the building was torn down and another put up in its place.

After the tragedy of 9-11, I noticed that painted behind the missile and gears on the left side of the mural are two tall buildings with vertical windows (much like the World Trade Center) that are on fire. Could this have been an artistic premonition from 1978?