Joe Bravo has created public art since painting his first mural in Wilmington, California for the Citywide Mural Project in 1976. Since he has painted murals for the City of Los Angeles, SPARC, AT&T, and the L.A. County Office of Eduction.

While Joe has worked with other muralists to create his public art projects, he feels a mural should reflect a community's culture, traditions, and history to give the local inhabitants a sense of ownership and relationship with the mural.

Murals by Joe Bravo

  • Mission Hills, CA Mural: Abundant Harvest by Joe Bravo
  • Pacoima, CA Mural: "Protect And Preserve"
  • Highland Park, CA Mural: “History of Highland Park” Mural by Joe Bravo
  • Wilmington, CA Mural: Wilhall Anti-Gang Violence by Joe Bravo
  • Venice Beach, CA Mural: "Spiritual And Technological Man" by Joe Bravo